Long Road Trip on Easter Sunday

Today we decided to go on a grueling road trip to see some of the sights rural Portugal has to offer. So we read up on an article from Travel & Leisure and hit the first destination on the list. Seven minutes later, we got out of the car and started snapping pictures.

The first stop was to visit an area with dinosaur footprints. We pass the sign to them every time we go into town, so we thought it was about time. Fortunately, the scenery and hike were beautiful. It’s fortunate because we couldn’t really make heads nor tails nor feet out of the supposed tracks. Right next door is Cabo Espichel, which has a lighthouse and a church built in about 1701. We had a delightful day, and when we were all done, we hopped in the car and were home in two songs!

Here are some of our pictures, in random order:

There’s always some knucklebutt wanting to stand on a cliff.
We can see the light from this lighthouse from our house.
Turns out, dinosaurs wore shoes. Who knew?
They have a fence so you don’t fall off the cliff. However, the fence only goes partway along the cliff. Either they ran out of funding or the lack of fence is to cull the herd.
This is supposedly where there are dinosaur footprints. I have no idea which indentations they are. It was a fairly long hike to get there, if the scenery wasn’t so beautiful we might’ve been irritated at the dinosaurs for stepping so lightly.
Except for this one… this guy must’ve been huuuuge!
There were little trilobite-y kinds of indentations around, however. They looked more trilobite-y in person than you can see in this picture.

And here are the rest of the shots. Such gorgeous scenery right near our doorstep. We’re still swooning… and it’s the kind of scenery we’ll never get tired of. In addition, the silence in some of these areas is virtually complete. Just absolute quiet and solitude… the perfect place for retirement.

One thought on “Long Road Trip on Easter Sunday

  1. Happy Easter. Bet Carolyn is happy that she is not working the furniture on this Easter Sunday. Probably her first. Anyway, how do we email you off-line. We are trying to plan a cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona or visa versa and think this would give us an opportunity to visit with you two for a couple of days.

    Trish and Jeff


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