Our lifelong dream come true: We’re finally slumlords!

Oh, how many years have we dreamt of the day when we could close on a tiny apartment in a 200 year-old building so we could charge hapless tourists 150 euros a day for the privilege of spending sleepless nights listening to cats yowling, fellow tourists barfing in the street (or maybe it’s the other way around), and having their arms torn out of their sockets by cars speeding down tiny streets slightly too narrow for motorcycles.

Slumlords don’t like their pictures taken.

Yes, it’s the Portuguese-ian dream. And it has come true for us on this very day!

All kidding aside (well okay, never for long), we closed on our Alfama apartment today! Of course, since Murphy’s Law is an international law, when I carried my bride over the threshold (see, I told you the kidding wouldn’t stay aside for long), and we inspected our new home away from home for hundreds of sucker– er, tourists, we quickly discovered a water leak that threatened to turn the front staircase into a waterfall.

FloodingIt seems that they forgot that tightening the washers on a water heater provides excellent assistance in preventing the actual water from moving into places other than inside the pipes.

But, we decided to make lemonade out of the lemons, and so I rushed out to purchase some fish to stock up the lake that was now the apartment. I thought, “Fishing right in the Alfama!” would make a great marketing campaign. Unfortunately, to my dismay, I discovered that the fish in the seafood sections of the grocery stores are all dead. They looked so alive every time I scurried by while holding my nose against the noxious odors.

So with that marketing dream down the drain, we contacted the seller to complain of the problem, and he hustled right over with his handyman and they fixed ‘er right up. Just one of those simple oversights. All is well, and it’s back to being our nice little place.

It’s a small apartment, as they all are in Alfarma, a little under 500 sq. feet in size. But it’s right in the middle of a very tourist-friendly area, literally just steps from the “Panteon,” which is something every Alfarmasist will want to see upon visiting.

Here we are outside the apartment. This is the last picture of us taken before we entered the apartment as owners. It may be the last one of us smiling as well.
This is one of our windows looking out into the street. Just kidding. This was on an art studio window. I think they learned a new word in the Portuguese/American dictionary.
Okay, so the view outside the bedroom window isn’t “to die for,” (unless you figure on choking to death on oranges), but it’s kinda what you get in Alfama.
No, I haven’t grown six inches since we moved here. The ceilings can be a little low in these older buildings. But I only hit my head when I forget to duck.
The apartment was completely remodeled in preparation for our purchase. The kitchen is actually one of the more spacious ones we’ve seen compared to the other Airbnb’s we’ve stayed in. And you know Carolyn will decorate it all so nicely.

So there you have it! It won’t be available for rent for a couple of weeks since we have to stock it with furniture, dishes, a bed, a couch, etc., as well as of course a shredder with a sign above it that says, “Insert your comments and suggestions here.”

Next up, our house in Sesimbra closes on March 31st. April Fool’s Day will be a great day to move into our new home! And that’s no joke.

5 thoughts on “Our lifelong dream come true: We’re finally slumlords!

  1. A couple of weeks???? What???? We already bought our tickets.

    So happy for you. Sounds like you two are having a time of your lives. We miss you but LOVE getting your messages.

    Love, Trish and Jeff


  2. I dont quite understand why you would buy both a house and apartment in Portugal in the same month but whatever the reason I hope it has worked nicely for you guys! All the best.


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