Shootout in Portugal witnessed by the Andersons!

It was another calm and sunny day in Portugal. We decided to explore some more of the Lisbon area. Slowly but surely, we’re gaining a better feelimg_3563 for the lay of the land. As we drove around, essentially getting intentionally lost knowing that our GPS could always get us home. Although it turns out we didn’t even need it at all despite the fact that we were out driving around all day while covering quite a bit of geography. It is, ironically, easier to drive in Portugal than in Ireland, despite the language barrier.

We ended up at a place called Cabo da Roca. (Which translates literally to: “Don’t drive your taxi over my Almond Roca.”) Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of all of Europe (and all of Eurasia for that matter).

It’s a nice place for tourists to hang out to see the ocean and some of the beautiful cliffs. Unfortunately, that also means it’s a great place for pickpockets.

Carolyn overheard a tour guide telling her group to be wary of pickpockets. For some reason, Europe seems to have more pickpockets than the U.S. Maybe if they could buy guns just like in the states they could just start shooting everyone instead, which would reduce the number of pickpockets by turning them into serious felons just like ours. Anyway, shortly after hearing that, we heard a commotion not very far from us and saw a cop, gun drawn, corralling two scofflaws. I gotta tell ya, the Portuguese cops don’t pull any punches. The crooks had no discernible weapons, but that didn’t stop him from getting very serious with his pistol. As he led them away, he also pulled out his collapsible billy club and kept lifting it above his head, ready to beat them silly should they give him any guff.


I only took one picture because as soon after I snapped this one, the cop began looking around the crowd with something less than a happy face, and you know, when you see a gun, you really don’t want to irritate the gun holder in any way.

So that added a bit of fun to what was otherwise a picturesque view of the furthest west we can get on this mainland. While standing on land anyway.

And yeah, okay, the headline is slightly misleading because there wasn’t any actual shooting. I was channeling either the dishonest liberal media or a Trump tweet; pick one depending on which side of the aisle you’re on.


These cliffs and views reminded us a bit of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, which, if you scroll down continuously for about 12 minutes, you’ll see in a previous blog post. The Cliffs of Moher were more impressive, but they definitely featured a lot less gunplay than Portugal’s version.

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