A Virtual Photo Album

Here are some random pictures we’ve taken recently. It seems that everywhere you go in Portugal, there’s something beautiful or amazing to see. We are so incredibly fortunate to be able to live in a place with so much beauty!

This is in Cascais (pronounced “Cash-kayish,” more or less).
This is also in Cascais. We think that’s Gulliver’s burial mound.
A view toward Cascais after talking a beautiful walk along the waterfront.
Windsurfers in the harbor in Cascais. Definitely need a wetsuit for that activity!
This house-hunting mob has invaded Lisbon!
Those are actually shoes in this art piece; we believe them to be wedding shoes. In the background, on the astroturf, is a line of more shoes, leading all the way to the edge. We think there’s a message there, but you can decide for yourself what that might be.
Marta, our realtor, cooking for us at a restaurant. These Portuguese are full-service people!
Because Lisbon is so hilly, views are abundant. At the bottom are the afore-mentioned shoes leading right off the edge of the roof. Maybe it was a bad honeymoon?
It’s a little known fact that JRR Tolkien lived in Lisbon and came up with the idea of the hobbits after seeing some of these doors.
This is a view of famous Sao George Castle from the very front of one of the apartments we looked at for purchase. We like castles.
Personally, I like the views of the tile rooftops more than even an ocean view. It’s so very Lisbon, and so very beautiful.
A view from Lisbon of the 25th of April bridge along with Christ the King.
Even Carolyn looks like Mrs. Gulliver in front of some of these doors.
If you truly are what you eat, she has some ‘splainin’ to do!
An impressive mall in the Lisbon area. While retail stores are much less prominent everywhere, Lisbon does have some nice malls with pretty much everything in them, including gigantic grocery stores.
The beaches are only 10-15 minutes away from our new house. This boat may come in handy if we decide to return to the US but don’t have enough money left over for a flight.
Carolyn showing off her hourglass figure. (Get it? Sand flowing through her hands? Aw c’mon, work with me here people!)
Saluting the waves. Or waving at the salutes. Whatever.
Long walk down the stairs to the beach. We’ll wait until they put in an escalator.
This is the Praia da Foz we wrote about earlier (translation: The Fonz’s Beach). Not a large section of sandiness, but the waves and views are pretty impressive.
Proof that I spelled the name right. Carolyn was a little chilly on this day.
Carolyn still gags whenever she even looks at this photo. And she’s the one who took the picture! This is how they display their octo-wares in the grocery store.
We didn’t want to buy any food there because we prefer generosity.
This is a statue of a bird being held up by some guy. Not sure who the bird was or what he did, but it’s quite a monument to it. Jonathan Livingston maybe?
I assume the people who built this were quite a bit taller than the hobbits who lived around it.
If you don’t know what “Door of the Day” means, scroll down this blog for about thirty minutes until you reach the part where we documented our previous visit to Europe.
A view of the coast about a ten minute walk from where we’re currently staying.
This is actually a bicycle path in Cascais, but I like to think of it as a picturesque metaphor of our journey here in Portugal.


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