We Found a Home!

According to Marta, our real estate agent, most of the time when Portuguese are looking for a home, they look at three or four properties before deciding to buy.

We increased her average by a substantial amount.

However, it proved to be a worthwhile endeavor because the wide net we cast resulted in reeling in a home we absolutely fell in love with. It’s about fifteen minutes from downtown Sesimbra, fifteen minutes from some beautiful beaches, including Praia da Foz, which may actually be where the Fonz “jumped the shark” in his leather jacket, I dunno.

It’s also twenty minutes from the Cabo Espichel Lighthouse, which we showed pictures of in a previous post, 45 minutes from the airport, and a little under 14 hours as the crow flies from Portland. It’s in the “country,” but we have neighbors (although not very many), and all the services we need are within a fifteen minute drive. We won’t be able to take possession for a couple of months, but we’re excited!

I think we were so excited when we walked in that we forgot to take pictures ourselves. So these are from the realtor. We’ll take more pictures when we get back into the house.
It has a beautiful and large courtyard with a pool. The pool was important because Carolyn has developed some arthritis in one knee, and swimming will allow for some great exercise.
A nice outdoor eating area in which to enjoy the beautiful Portuguese weather. We think we’ll be eating outside a lot. Carolyn’s constantly worried about bugs, but all I keep hearing from the Portuguese is there aren’t any.
Carolyn will of course add her personal touches and change some of the color schemes. As for me, for some reason I’ve always been fascinated by spiral staircases. The upstairs will serve as a great “man-attic.” Since it can be a little tricky to get up there, I think that will allow me to to outrun Carolyn when she’s chasing me with a wooden spoon.
The kitchen has been modernized. There is even plenty of space in a room off the kitchen in which to add a dryer, which is near and dear to Carolyn’s heart.
This is the front entrance. It’s surrounded by a fence, affording very nice privacy and security, although as to the latter, the owner said the area has virtually no problems in that regard.
Beaches such as this one are just minutes away. Can you spell paradise? If you can’t, then, um, just look at the word again.

The house and property actually reminds me a little bit of our home in Wilsonville, albeit smaller and half the cost. It has three bedrooms downstairs, his and hers bathrooms (they are outside of the master bedroom, which doesn’t bother us in the least), and a house-long upstairs that’ll serve as the man-attic, plus room to hide a few refugees.

Next on the agenda: we have to find an apartment to use as a rental somewhere in Lisbon. Now that we have our main home in our pocket, we know exactly what we have to spend for the second place, and of course our realtor Marta is getting to know what we like very well!


4 thoughts on “We Found a Home!

  1. Well that is sooooo excited. The place looks great. And I can’t wait to see what Carolyn does with it. Good for you two. This adventure is getting better all the time. Keep us posted.
    Trish and Jeff


  2. Really Living the Life Good for you and this is where I want to stay when I visit unless the other one you get is even more beautiful with a walk to the sea. Oh my so beautiful and I am very happy for the both of you congrats. So are there any not so greats you have encountered? Cathy



    1. I’m truly loving and appreciating the Portuguese people and attitudes more and more. Obviously, nothing is perfect… they tend to allow their dogs to crap on the sidewalks, for instance, but no, I think my western European bloodlines make me feel very at home here. We have to learn the language of course, but for the first time, as I walked around reading all the signs, etc., I realized how it can be that I could think in Portuguese. We’re starting with a tutor on Tuesday!

      BTW, please confirm that you read this… I’m not completely sure how these communications work through the website…


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